German Interest Group

German Interest Group Meeting: First Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Free to members.  
Offers the opportunity to share their knowledge of German research.  You will find experienced researchers, translators, and travelers with extensive personal knowledge of the various regions in Germany.
Oct 2  (Zoom and Westwing)
Topic:  Spelling Variations in German Given and Place Names
Speaker:  Mindy Jacox

Do you sometimes hear that your surname is “not the way it’s properly spelled?”  Or perhaps you’ve wondered how there can be so many spelling variations, depending on the census taker, the pastor/priest, or the government clerk, etc.  We’re going to show most of a webinar on this topic that should give you some insights as to why this happens.  

If you’ve got a surname that has this issue, the hosts of the evening will probably ask for examples before the webinar is played.  Having three – four examples may generate some comments afterwards.