Non-Populations Schedules

Non-Population Schedules; Potpourri for your Family Tree (Classes)
Saturday, 29 Jun 2024
Sometimes referred to as A.I.M.S. schedules (Agricultural; Industrial; Mortality;  Social), Non-Population Schedules offer an abundance of foliage for your family tree, including a glimpse of what the family farm looked like, death-related tidbits, and undiscovered “ailments” and disabilities.
To learn more go to out Classes and Events page.

Lunch and Learn

Not Everything is Online - Consult Your Local Archives!
Tune in to learn about the archive treasures at Decorah Genealogy Society in Decorah, Iowa.
12:00 Noon on Zoom

Summer Pass 2024

Considering membership to the Iowa Genealogical Society?

Why not dive into your genealogy research with our 2024 Summer Pass!

Our Summer Pass will grant you access to the same benefits our members enjoy when researching at the library, such as:
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All this for the one-time price of $10!
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All Summer Passes expire August 31, 2024.
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Join Our Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Take advantage of your membership at the Iowa Genealogical Society and participate in our Special Interest Groups (SIG).
At our Special Interest Groups you can network with others, share information and ideas, and learn things that can help you with your genealogy research.  Maybe even find a partner and work together on a common interest.
Each of these group meets monthly.  Click here to see the schedule for upcoming meetings.

Certificate Program

Do you know about our Certificate Program? Pioneer, Centennial and
Statehood Certificates contain pedigree charts and other documentation
which verifies that the Indexed Pioneer was in Iowa either since 1846, 1856
or for the last 100 years.
To apply, click here.  

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