The IGS Library has thousands of family histories and genealogies that have been written and donated to the library.
Shelved between the history of the Abel Family and the Zuiderveld genealogy tome, are published volumes arranged alphabetically by surname. The catalog entry for the title also lists a woman’s name prior to marriage as well as other major surnames in the publications.
The family histories come in varying thickness and writing styles. Most share a common thread in that these families had some connection to Iowa but a few do not have a link to Iowa.  Be sure to check.
The vertical files are filled with family materials that are better housed in a folder than on a shelf. Contents include a mix of family group sheets, pedigree charts and documented research. And expect to find the occasional military pension, family association newsletters, and one-of-a-kind records.
Pioneer Certificate files contain charts and documentation providing proof that a person’s ancestor lived in Iowa before 1856, 100 years for a Century Certificate, or by 1846 for a Statehood Certificate.
Crosser Family History Book.pdf written by Wendell Crosser